When the Team works like a team… Anything is possible

When your team works like a team…anything is possible!

If your team is fractured, fractious and frictioned, you’re probably not getting much done. We can help your people work together creatively, productively, profitably and peacefully. In other words, Team Building!

Commitment is the duct tape that keeps an organization on track.colorful tape

It is estimated that it takes 150% of an employee’s salary to recruit, train and get their replacement up to speed with the team.

Can you afford the cost of turnover? Effective, pro-active communication & conflict management skills will reduce your losses.

These simple guidelines will assist you and your team in attaining the level of performance that you envision:

  • Establish a strong sense of urgency and direction
  • Select members based on their complimentary skills, not their personalities
  • Set clear rules and expectations of behavior
  • Set and seize upon a few immediate performance oriented tasks and goals
  • Challenge the group regularly with fresh facts and information
  • Spend lots of time together

Making a commitment to your team, your organization, yourself. This is a paramount  in your personal and professional success. Then demonstrate that commitment by everything you do and say.

Your corporate culture may affect the commitment and communication in your office too… what do you think?

Qualities of a High-Performance Team

A high performance cooperative team: Business Team

    • Knows it’s basic purpose
    • Engages members who are enthusiastic and energetic
    • Impels it’s members to overcome obstacles on the way to high-performance
    • Invites members who have personal commitment to each other, not just to the purpose
    • Creates performance results – visible results that make a difference to the organization
    • Expects it’s members to hold themselves mutually accountable

Is your team high-performance? Are you ready to be? Or do you need some team building tools?

Psst!  Do you have a person who is high conflict?  A bully, manipulator, seducer, controller or passive-aggressive?  Special help is available for that right HERE.

We offer comprehensive skills development in conflict & anger management, and effective communcation & negotiation.

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