Say What You Mean: Effective Communication Skills

If you aren’t getting the results you want or expect, perhaps you’re not communicating clearly enough.

Communication is a learned art… but anyone can do it, with a little attention, intention & perception.

When you communicate effectively, you get the desired outcome of your interaction. If you want a project changed, or a raise, or a babysitter to arrive at a specific time – all that’s really required is that you SAY WHAT YOU MEAN in a way that the LISTENER will perceive the information as you intended.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is.

In this flexible seminar you will learn how to :

  • Listen for and manage points of view
  • Tell the tough truth gently
  • Balance honesty and kindness in communication
  • Make honesty non-threatening
  • Speak with purpose
  • Express feelings appropriately at home & work
  • Master & Detect “Teflon” & “Velcro” communication
  • Be a conversation architect
  • Understand communication gaps & bridge them
  • Speak your mind without losing it!

This program can be customized for work or life applications.

This program can be presented as:

  • a 1-hour overview
  • a 3-hour seminar
  • a 6-hour seminar
  • a 2-day intensive

Look here for our up-to-date schedule of ongoing classes at Optimize Center.

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Also available as a keynote presentation for your next conference or regional meeting.

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