Optimize Your Relationships. Live Your Expectations!

Your relationships reflect the energy and expectations you put into them.
Are you giving only what you’re willing to receive?

Who and what you bring to any relationship is a defining factor of that relationship.

  • Are you being the best YOU you can be?
  • Do you conduct yourself in the manner you expect from others?
  • Do you express a caring attitude which inspires your partner to reciprocate?

You get what you give.
It’s an ancient truth.

Give yourself the OK to be the best YOU possible. Watch that improve the relationships in every aspect of your life.

BE the person YOU want to be with.

Living the best of you brings out the best in others. It’s a win-win!

In this HALF-DAY seminar you will learn:

  • Benefits and rewards of being positively selfish
  • Rules of engagement in communicative conflict
  • How expectations of others must be preceded by your own action, and how to define your expectations and act accordingly
  • Tips for telling the tough truth
  • Strategies for filling your life with positive relationships, and releasing the negative ones without conflict
  • Effective family communication and cooperation techniques

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