How to Give and Receive Criticism Effectively in the Workplace

Criticism. The word itself makes people uncomfortable. It is not a surprise, then, that criticism is neither given nor accepted easily…or well.

To be effective in the workplace, we need the skills to clearly convey thoughts, insights and feelings about changes suggested or required. That’s criticism.

Criticism well-delivered and well-received is a shortcut to competence. Every good mentor knows this. In business, clear communication and effective conflict and anger management skills are essential. Feedback is key.

In a recent survey in Working Woman magazine, it was reported that 48% of the 7,200 people responding said they suffer from a lack of feedback on job performance and 69% said they were sufficiently dissatisfied with the lack of feedback to be looking for another job.

Feedback paves the way for positive change…when offered and received constructively. No one likes to be made wrong or feel small. No one likes to be an ogre or wimp.

For twenty years, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, seminar facilitator and executive coach, has helped workplace teams and leaders hone the skills necessary to share expertise and experience leading to excellence. Learn how to both give and receive information in acceptable, effective ways that move your achievements, your team and yourself forward now.


Participants will learn:

1. The five criticism ‘don’ts’
2. The eight criticism ‘do’s’
3. The key skills go-getters have that doormats don’t
4. How to marshall your mind when your knees are quaking
5. How to avoid making criticism personal in the workplace

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