Balancing On Your Competitive Edge

Prevent freefall. Pack your own parachute!
New perspectives to balance your life.

Successful organizations and individuals accommodate change.

They know they must be part of the solution and proactive about challenges. They accept that attitude is everything and that people are important.

Things are moving faster, competition is global, and maintaining balance within yourself and your organization is paramount to sustaining success.

What are you doing about it?

In this HALF-DAY Seminar, you will learn:

  • Ten Tactics for Taming Tense Times
  • How to keep your cool when the competition heats up
  • Suggestions for playing the game when the bases move
  • Strategies for maintaining team commitment and loyalty when the other guys start headhunting
  • The value of recognition and appreciation
  • Effective communication during crunch times
  • The importance of saving the “happy dance” until the smoke clears

If keeping up with the competition is wearing you out, it’s time for a new strategy.

Learn these vital survival skills that will sustain you and your organization through tough times and maximize performance all the time!

Put your people first – you’ll win every time!


Look here for our up-to-date schedule of ongoing classes at Optimize Center.

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Also available as a keynote presentation for your next conference or regional meeting.

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