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Business meetingYou can get the precise skills you need to feel competent, comfortable & confident in life and business situations & relationships.

Look at our wide range of topics available to you, your staff, and your audience. Each can be customized to meet your needs, and is available in keynote, seminar, teleseminar and webinar formats:

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For Work & Business:

Perfect for company retreats, conferences, professional-development days… .

Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down! Managing Anger – Yours & Theirs MORE >>>

Managing Conflict Productively Without Losing Clients, Colleagues or Credibility! MORE >>>

5 Styles of Conflict Management & When To Use Them   MORE >>>

Rules of Engagement for Difficult Conversations  MORE>>>

How to Give & Receive Effective Criticism in the Workplace   MORE>>>

How to Negotiate Anything With Anyone, Anytime MORE>>

Managing Difficult People Productively MORE >>>

Balancing On Your Competitive Edge MORE>>>

How to Prepare for Networking Event Success  MORE >>>

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For Personal Development:

perfect for public/community presentation or professional development days…

Optimize Life Now!
Never Mistake Activity for Progress. MORE >>>

Balancing On Your Competitive Edge. MORE >>>

Say What You Mean: Effective Communication Skills MORE >>>

Your Past is Not Your Potential. MORE >>>

Optimize Your Network!
How to Make an Entrance and Work a Room MORE>>

Optimize Your Relationships! Live Your Expectations MORE >>>

How to Strengthen Your Personal Boundaries  MORE >>>

Defining Your Niche   MORE>>>

If you need help personally with your career, life or personal relationship, Dr. Shaler can help with private sessions by phone, Skype or in-person. Learn more HERE.

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Systematically learned communication, conflict management, negotiation and self-empowerment skills augment your ability to improve relationships in the workplace and in the home.

  • Would you feel more confident if you had the skills to manage conflict when it shows up?
  • Would you like to prevent or overcome overwhelm in your life or business?
  • Would life be easier if you knew how to handle difficult people and situations more positively?
  • Would your team benefit from progressive team development through systematic skill-building together?
  • Would your relationship improve if you knew how to say what you really meant?
  • Would you like permission to stop beating yourself up for past mistakes?

Sure you would! We ALL would. Nobody WANTS to live in constant conflict & chaos.

By the way, if you have a “difficult person”–read: bully, manipulator, controller, passive-aggressive, seducer–in your office, you need to know that these folks are Dr. Shaler’s specialty. Learn more at

Optimize Institute & Center programs can help. Quickly.

Onsite or on the phone, you get the training you want now.

We offer flexible options and opportunities for personal & professional growth and development.

Call the Optimize Institute & Center for your training needs today.


Any one of our teleseminar programs is available for your intact group of eight or more participants. Just ask and we’ll customize a program for you.

If your staff or team is not communicating or collaborating to the level their expertise and experience demands, a great place to start is to equip them with the exact skills they need. Book a webinar or onsite facilitation with Dr. Shaler directly at the Optimize Institute & Center.

Move yourself and your organization forward NOW!
Call for complete details, customized training, or to invite Dr. Shaler to speak.

For customized training, onsite or on the phone, call the
Optimize Institute & Center
and we will create the programs you need
to get the results you want.



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